Australian Coalition for Inclusive Education

We are a national coalition of organisations working together to advance Inclusive Education in Australia and across State and Territory education systems.

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Our Pledge

“We pledge our support to the goal and principles of inclusive education as a fundamental human right of every person, and the elimination of barriers and discrimination against children and young people with disability in education and in society as a whole.”

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Our Roadmap 

Driving change: A roadmap for achieving inclusive education in Australia’ has been developed by the Australian Coalition for Inclusive Education (ACIE) and endorsed by many organisations around Australia.  It is underpinned by six key pillars to help realise inclusive education in Australia and prevent the violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of students with disability.

ACIE pillars

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Our Supporters

Our Supporters are organisations that support the mission of the Australian Coalition for Inclusive Education (ACIE) and have endorsed Our Pledge.

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